Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to HRInnovator

HRInnovator is going to be a site that talks about my journey with my partner Steve Minton, building and creating a new, innovative set of products that will help HR find and use data better. I will also talk about other HR innovations and try to create a dialog about HR innovations in general. Many might consider HR to be too conservative to be a hotbed of innovations. But if the profession of HR does not lead it - they will be left behind, because the people (employees, entrepreneurs, job seekers, contractors, etc.) who use HR will drive the change. It is a new employment economy driven by Gen X and Gen Y to be more virtual, more flexible and more conducive to an open market of resource exchange. On the HRInnovator blog site we will talk about these ideas and explore the challenges and opportunities these developments will bring. Hop on: Enjoy the ride.