Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Ode To The HR Professional

You work in Human Resources, you have too much to do.
The promise of new software, never quite comes true.
The sales guy you spoke to, says he has it all.
But then you ask the price and it almost makes you fall.

At the last convention, the future sure looked bright.
So many new inventions, to solve the HR plight.
One company does Big Data, but talks in terabyte.
They've never done HR, and you know he can’t be right.

Your company just merged, and your new boss looks 16
You hope she is much older, but you know it’s just a dream.
Now you have to teach her, how your job gets done
But every time she shows up, she’s always on the run.

Oh, you work in human resources, and you know that it's true
Every project that you need, is back in the IT queue.
The CEO says people, are always number one
But every time you ask for money, something else needs done.

But in the end you love your job, and take some time to Tweet
You let the world around you, know your job is neat.
At times you do think back, to what mama used to say,
You don’t work in HR, if you’re in it for the pay!

You’ll probably stay around, another year or two
You hear that HR mobile, will make your dreams come true.
So maybe if you ask her, your boss will not turn blue
When you ask to have your cell phone 
.........Upgraded from 2002.