Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Ode to SEO for Recruiters

If I were to SEO
What would be the way to go?

Would I blog or would I write
A mighty pen to make me bright?

Key word phrases all strung out
Makes my writing all flung out.

Search for hires
High and low
Better with my SEO
20 key words and long tails to sell
If I try and say them all,
will you promise not to tell?

My marketing Director does insist
That all my writing should consist
Of random words
Thrown to and fro
Just so Google loves me so.

And then there’s Mack
I love her too
She’s our queen of SEO
But write a word that sounds just right
And suffer wrath at all her might

So homage to the SEO
Throw those words in, watch them flow.
Add some funky phrases too
Let them know that hiring is what we do.

Have some job postings
And offer up a referral or two.
Get alumni in the game
Contact everyone fit or lame.

Company name, best hires too
JAVA, Lava, and Code Blue
I’ll get those words in as I can
And hope you understand my plan.

So if what I say seems out of sorts
Trust my words to the Google courts